Invisible Waste Services

Invisible Waste Services provides a comprehensive valet trash program that offers daily pick up of your trash and recycling. Our service includes pick up in a leak proof collection cart that prevents messy liquids from spilling in your hallways, breezeways or on sidewalks in transit to the dumpster. All of our benches also include a removable leak proof liner that is easily cleaned while preventing liquids from staining the floor. Our use of leak proof containers and leak proof transport saves property owners time and money spent on power washing and cleaning.

Our recycling service is included free of charge as part of our commitment to maintaining a sustainable environment. Residents can leave their recycling at their doorstep and we will assure that is disposed of properly.

Because of space limitations we also offer a variety of smaller containers in addition to The Bench® for pick up and disposal of your trash and recycling. In addition to The Bench we can provide a smaller Trash Box or Can Service. We also provide pick up and disposal of sealed trash and recycling bags for special situations where a container may be impractical.

All of our porters our trained in all aspects of trash pick up and disposal. This sounds simple but we place substantial emphasis on providing the best customer service in the industry and all of our porters are thoroughly trained and their backgrounds are thoroughly checked before stepping foot on your property.

Our maintenance program includes regular cleaning of all benches and daily cleaning of the on-site dumpster area. We take pride in how your property looks.

Meet Our Team

James Cornell - IWS Vice President of Sales
James Cornell
Vice President of Sales
Collette Andrews - IWS Regional Sales Manager
Collette Andrews
Regional Sales Manager
Chad Christian, CAM, CAPS, NAAEI Faculty
Chad Christian
Regional Sales Manager
Sara Aviles - Human Resources Manager
Sara Aviles
Human Resources Manager