About The Bench

The patented “Bench” is located conveniently near each resident’s doorstep and is designed specifically to hold two standard 13 gallon trash bags. The bench also functions like a normal park bench and provides convenient seating for residents near their doorstep. The decorative bench comes in a variety of architectural colors and is designed to integrate nicely into A, B and C class properties. Trained uniformed staff empty trash and maintain all benches on property five or six days a week keeping your property clean while assuring curb appeal at all times. Recycling is also available to all residents in your community.

Meet Our Team

James Cornell - IWS Vice President of Sales
James Cornell
Vice President of Sales
Collette Andrews - IWS Regional Sales Manager
Collette Andrews
Regional Sales Manager
Chad Christian, CAM, CAPS, NAAEI Faculty
Chad Christian
Regional Sales Manager
Sara Aviles - Human Resources Manager
Sara Aviles
Human Resources Manager