Invisible Waste Services Team

Invisible Waste Services is a national provider of valet trash services for multi-family residential communities.  Residents simply deposit their trash outside in a conveniently provided container. This service provides peace of mind to the resident and the property owner. No more long walks up and down stairs lugging trash to the dumpster. The patented “Bench”, an exclusive product of Invisible Waste Services available to our customers, also has a closing mechanism built in to every unit that prevents small animals from access to the trash stored conveniently under the bench seat.

IWS provides a monthly stream of ancillary income to the property and requires no money down to start the valet trash program. Currently servicing over 50,000 residential customers IWS also provides trash removal from traditional in house 13 gallon containers. Residents simply place their household container outside their front door and IWS porters pick up their trash bags during allotted times five or six days a week. IWS also offers a simple bag pick up service. All services provided assure that all on site trash is disposed of properly in a controlled environment.

The additional benefits to the multi-family community include lower maintenance costs, increased security and a cleaner facility that always looks good to current and future residents.

Meet Our Team

James Cornell - IWS Vice President of Sales
James Cornell
Vice President of Sales
Collette Andrews - IWS Regional Sales Manager
Collette Andrews
Regional Sales Manager
Chad Christian, CAM, CAPS, NAAEI Faculty
Chad Christian
Regional Sales Manager
Sara Aviles - Human Resources Manager
Sara Aviles
Human Resources Manager